Friday, December 16, 2005

Too Fast!

Hubby has this little joke with the girls. He takes a book, puts it on their heads and pretends to push down on it saying "Stop growing! Stop growing!" They just giggle and giggle.

I felt like that today! Miss M decided that 7 was a good age to get her ears pierced. We decided when she was an infant just to wait until they asked and really wanted it done. She sat Hubs and I down the other day and told us she thought she was responsible enough to have her ears pierced. So today I took her to the mall and we had them done. She was so brave -- didn't even flinch on the first ear. Once the second one was done, though, she teared up and said in a small voice "That HURT!" She cried a little after that, but by the time we were a couple of stores away she was fine and all ready for pretzels!