Monday, December 12, 2005


Boy, the Bad Guy really knows where to hit us, doesn't he? Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Blogads, saying I had a new ad to approve. There was a follow-up e-mail (which is unusual), explaining that this was a mass ad by MSNBC -- the biggest blogad buy ever -- to promote it's new "digital day" and if we were going to reject it, would we do it right away? My curiosity was piqued, so I read on. Turns out, it's a revolving ad for several different shows and one is about p*rn. It isn't an ad FOR 'p', just about it. BUT one of the images is pretty iffy. It's not explicit, just obviously not family-friendly. It basically looks like a neon outline of a woman's body -- something you'd see over a triple-x club or bookstore.

Well, this would add $10 to my blogads account -- which would FINALLY take me over the $75 mark, which is when you actually get paid. $75 would be a great help to us right now, so it was really tempting(although when I thought about it, I'm sure I wouldn't see it until next month). I e-mailed some wise blogging friends, and they affirmed my initial reaction -- NO WAY! So, girded up with support from friends, I rejected the ad, knowing I did the right thing, but really hoping I'd get a new advertiser soon. You can see my hit meter, I don't have a lot of traffic, so I don't always have my blogads spot filled. So, I'm just praying and waiting.

WOW! God is so good! I just got another e-mail -- ANOTHER mass add for Friends/Everybody Loves Raymond. I can get behind that. Woo-hoo!