Sunday, November 27, 2005

Domestic Ponderings

How hard would it be, really, to make flannel sheets myself? I really would love to have some, since our room is up in the attic and gets quite chilly at times. But flannel sheets for a king-size bed are around $60 which is completely out of my budget. I've been looking at flannels over at JoAnn Fabrics and they are running some sales at $2.79 a yard. You can make a mess of sheets for $60 worth of that! The only thing is, most fabric comes at 44 or 58 inches wide, so I would have to seam them. Would it be so awful to have a seam running up the middle of the bed? It would make it much easer to say "Hey, you're taking MY half of the sheet!!!", now wouldn't it?

The renovations are at a standstill. You know, when it comes to these things, you either have the time or the money but rarely both at the same time. Hubby is only scheduled for 3 days this week, perhaps we'll get more done on the basement. He's waiting for a master electrician friend from church to come and show him how to run electricity down the wall he's built. Hubby thinks he knows how to do it, but I'm much more comfortable with having Brian come look at it, lol! Some things you just shouldn't "wing". Other than that, things have come along pretty smoothly. I started a post with pictures, but keep getting sidetracked getting all the pictures loaded.

Well, when I started this post I had a couple of other domestic ponderings, but they've floated away. Guess it's time to toddle off to bed. G'night!