Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Shopping Done

Yes, I am a SHE. It's two days before Thanksgiving and I just went shopping. I can't believe I spent around $55 for ONE MEAL! Of course a few things will go longer than one meal, but still! And that's just for the five of us. Hubby's family is mostly in Texas, although his sister just lives an hour or so away. I think they're spending the holiday with her in-laws. My mom and one sister live in Kansas, my other sister recently moved to Maryland. She and mom were here for Thanksgiving last year and mom was here the year before, here to visit her brand-new grandson. So it seems a little of a let-down to "just" be us. I think it will actually be nice, very relaxed and no pressure. Here's the menu:

Turkey Breast
Stuffing Muffins
Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Gravy
Jellied Cranberry Sauce (for me, no one else will touch it)
Green Bean Casserole
Waldorf Salad
Pumpkin Pie

I think that's about it. I LOVE cranberry relish, and Hubby's grandfather taught me to make his recipe when we were living with him and taking care of him. But it's way too much work for me to eat it alone, lol! I love the canned jellied sauce, must be my white trash rural upbringing. I'd make instant potatoes, too, if Hubby would let me get away with it. Nah, not for Thanksgiving. I linked to some of the recipes I'm using. I'll probably wing it on the Waldorf, I've been making that or helping make it since I was a kid, every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ditto on the green bean casserole. Oh, by the way, if you find green bean casserole in a can for cheap at Big Lots -- do not buy it!!! Run, do not walk, away! Do not buy 6 cans because you love the stuff and think it would be good and then get stuck with nasty green beans in goo on your shelf until you get desperate and eat them anyway. Not that it happened to me, I'm just saying hypothetically . . .

Anyway, that's about it for tonight. In case I don't post until after Thanksgiving, everyone have a great Thanksgiving Day! Andrea and Ron, you guys just have a great ordinary day.