Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tea Blogging

Portsmouth Tea Company was offering a free cannister of tea for anyone who linked to them. The offer is over, but I thought I'd link anyway for friends and family (hint hint hint mom, hubby, and in-laws) who might still have Christmas shopping to do. I do love me a nice cuppa in the morning, and anytime I'm feeling under the weather. I used to have a tea pot collection, but as we were re-assessing the storage room in the basement and deciding what would come upstairs when we turn the living room into the dining room, I discovered that in one of our moves ALL MY TEAPOTS HAVE GONE MISSING!!! I have one that was Hubby's grandmother's and one that was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. Oh, and one that is a broken hand-me-down from my MIL. So, any family out there, there is a really easy gift to find for the Gemster.

/shameless dunning