Saturday, October 22, 2005

Renovations Underway

Update: We didn't make it to Home Depot today. Dh got a bunch of stuff ripped down in the basement, and the girls pulled off wallpaper in the back entry way. I guess after two years in the place, it's about time we got a fire lit under us! Now, let's see how long til it all gets put back together!

Monday morning I posted this.. Monday night I was reading it to Dh and giving him the responses. I had mentioned in the comments to Ron that I was concerned that the wallpaper might damage the plaster beneath, since it was wet plaster and not drywall. So we decided to try a small area to see how it would peel up. It was a dream! Since it came right up, Dh looked at me and said "Let's rip it all out!" I said "At 11:30 pm?!" "Sure, why not, I'm just watching TV." So by 11:45, we had the whole room free of nasty old wallpaper. We're going today to the Big Orange Box go get paint, if only we can decide on a color! You can see that the tile is peach and black. I'm leaning toward a very light peach or a white tinted with just a tinge of peach. Dh wants to go with a sage green color. Right now he's winning. I'll let you know what we end up buying!