Monday, October 17, 2005

Two Years Ago Today

It was so strange, to drive to the hospital NOT in labor to have the baby. Our first two children came after about 12 hours of light labor and then 4-5 hours of heavy labor in the hospital. Baby Boy (I guess I should graduate him to Ds2 now), on the other hand, was nice and comfy and did not want to come out. I had been having random contractions but nothing regular, so earlier that week my OB planned an induction on Friday -- incidentally his on-call day at the hospital. We went in, they placed the little pill to soften the cervix and it basically jump-started my labor. By that evening, little Ds2 was here!

Here's a picture from that day:

And from a couple of days later at home:

One year ago:

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Yes, those are his birthday pants from Grandma Sherry. Yes, they're on his head. What can I say? Home educating creates genius!