Sunday, October 09, 2005

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig Jig

Finally, back home. Wow, what a great weekend. Some chillin', some reading, some spiritual rejuvination, some spiritual challenge. Great music, great speakers. I think the number one thing that touched me was during Mike Cope's final talk. He spoke about each one of us being missional in our every day lives. During the (I hate to say sermon) talk, he mentioned different ways people interact in life -- in schools, at work, etc. But us SAHM's were kind of left out of the conversation. I started thinking (someone was whispering in my head), what kind of missionary can I be? I don't really interact with much of anyone besides church people and my kids. I know, my children are my ministry, but it just didn't seem relevant to what Mike was speaking to. But then he did what he called a commissioning. He said the early church would commission people as they left their church to go teach the gospel. So he called upon different professions -- teachers, business people, health care workers, etc. to stand up to be blessed and commissioned. But when he called teachers, he included homeschooling parents. I stood when he added homeschooling to the list of people who work in schools and with children. But the thing that touched me -- the thing that made my entire weekend -- was when MY HUSBAND TOOK MY HAND AND STOOD UP WITH ME. I consider myself a homeschooling mom. But I haven't really considered him a homeschooling dad. He works so, so much so that I can be home with the kids, I just have not included him in 'my' homeschooling plans. But HE consideres himself to be a homeschooling dad, and stood immediately when Mike called out homeschoolers. And that touched my heart.

We both got commissioned twice, by the way -- I, as a home educator and an SAHM; he, as a homeschooler and as a member of the media. I guess we're just double-blessed.