Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Homeschooling Forum

Ron and Andrea of Atypicalife have started a new site -- not surprisingly named AtypicalHomeschool. They discuss a lot of their own homeschooling journey, both on the beaten path and off. My favorite part of the site? Their (somewhat hard to find) forum. There aren't a lot of members yet -- if you're looking for a homeschooling forum that's about as eclectic as you can get, take a look over here. Unschooling, curriculum, homeschooling toddlers, year planning, there are a myriad of topics. And if there's a topic you haven't seen discussed in any of your other forums, bring it up here. No dogma, no "do it this way", just lots of anecdotal advise and wisdom. And a little silliness. Check it out!

Update: They've added a forum tab to the main website. It's the far right tab. No problem finding it now!!!