Wednesday, October 05, 2005

And We're Off!

Well, the girls are gone, the Baby Boy is dropped off at his sitter, and I'm here at home alone, packing. Boy, that was hard, dropping him off. I lay him down in the pack-n-play where he'll be sleeping the night, gave him his pluffies and blankie, turned on his music, kissed him and shut the door. He fussed a while, then quieted right down. We had a practice run last week, so it's not actually his first night away from Mommy, but it will be his first weekend away. Mommy's not so sure about this! I will really try not to call more than once a day, I promise.

Anyway, we're totally looking forward to the conference, and to a little time alone. It's going to be a whirlwind weekend, though. Hubby gets home from work tonight at 12, then we leave around 3am for Nashville. His conference starts at 1pm, through the evening. The leadership conference runs Thursday afternoon and Friday, then we'll go to the worship conference together Friday night and Saturday. Then we drive back Sunday -- and he goes back to work Sunday afternoon at 3. Poor guy, he works too stinking hard! But, when you're a per diem employee and don't get vacation time, you work when they say so you can make sure you get scheduled regularly.

Well, I better get the packing finished up and get the house together. There's nothing I hate more than coming home to a house that looks like a tornado hit it! Toodles!