Monday, October 17, 2005

Calling All Home Renovation Experts!

(Ron and Andrea, this means you.) We've been living with an ugly, small bathroom for 2 years now, and I anticipated living with it for quite a while longer. But the faucet really does need to be replaced -- it doesn't just drip, it runs, so it's a waste of money to let it keep running. In order to replace the faucet, we have to replace the sink bowl, it's totally rusted out since it's been running for so long (since before we bought the house two years ago). If we replace the bowl, we may as well replace the cabinet too. The cabinet top has this funky extension over the back of the toilet that will have to come out. So, our faucet replacement has turned into a total bathroom renovation. Well, except the tub, that's whole other ballgame!

All that to say this: The tile is beautiful -- if you like peach and black. I'm a little iffy on that. But otherwise it is in great shape, and has a cool kind of Art Deco look. But somewhere in the 1980's someone got a brilliant (not) idea to put up some pretty flowery pastel wallpaper. Blech! I guess it's not so bad on its own, but with that tile!

Here's my question -- what should put in place of the wallpaper? If we were to paint the upper wall peach, I'm not sure if I can stand that much peach. Hubby suggested black, but that bathroom (the main bath) isn't much more than a closet anyway and I think black would shrink it even more.

I'll let you look at the picture and tell me what you think:

Wallpaper Detail

The peach tile is actually graduated diagonally dark to light on each tile.