Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rain-out? What's That?

I have never done sports, indoor or out. I was a drama/chorus/yearbook geek, entirely uncoordinated, C- in P.E. type. So, when it started drizzling yesterday afternoon, I thought, "Oh, good, we probably won't have a game tonight!" No such luck. I did grab some snacks (copped out with snack bags of Cheez-its and Goldfish, plus baggies of grapes), just in case the sun poked her head back out. Good thing I did. When 6:00 rolled around, now a light rain outside, and no call from the coach to cancel, I assumed the worst. We grabbed umbrellas and jackets and headed off to the game. We got soaked and it was a blast! I started out a little whiny when we couldn't find the team -- it was our first game and we still hadn't gotten our t-shirts yet. I didn't know what color I was looking for! Once located (during the opening huddle), we were off!!! Dd5 was so excited, yelling up and down the sideline as she pulled her new soccer shirt on over her head "THIS IS MY FIRST SOCCER GAME EVER!!!"

As I sat down to write this, still a little whiny about it now that I have a scratchy throat and Baby Boy seems to be a little coughy too, I realized how sad that would be to complain. We had to play soccer in a little rain. So many people have had to deal with so much worse in the last couple of days. I think I can deal with being a little soggy while we had a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Soccer Snacks

Well, it's soccer season, and I have snack duty the very first game, Tuesday! Anyone have suggestions that will make me the coolest soccer mom ever? Last season, I brought baggies of strawberries, grapes, and apples. I think I spent $20 on all that fruit!!! I'm hoping to get off a little cheaper this time. One mom brought fruit snacks. You know, the little packets of jelled sugar?! One packet for each kid. Yeah, that's going to energize them right up for the second half. If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Baby & The Bathwater

So, does anyone have any statistics on how much bathwater a baby will drink in their toddler years? Does it differ between boys and girls? I swear, my girls would suck on a washcloth occasionally, but this boy! He scoops it up with any cup-like bath toy, including his water drum, and gulps it right down! Yech!

Friday, August 26, 2005


It's been crazy around here for the past week. Sis is a nanny, but her last position ended when the mom decided to come home full time -- what a great reason to lose a job, huh? Anyway, nanny positions that pay decently, especially for Sis's 15 years experience, are just nil here in Michigan. So she signed up last Thursday at the GoNannies website. Oh - My - Goodness!!! She had 2 bites in the first hour or so, then had 3-4 more by Friday. By Saturday, she had 2 families seriously talking to her, by Sunday an awesome offer. Salary well comensurate with her years of experience, plus health insurance, plus a car, plus her own large room and bath. By Sunday night or Monday (it's all become a blur) she had a signed contract -- to fly out to Maryland this Saturday!!! So, we've been frantically going through all her boxes and bins from her old apartment and packing them into tubs to ship to MD. I am so excited for her I can hardly stand it, although I will miss her terribly. The girls cry at least once a day at the thought of "Aunt La-La" leaving, although they understand that it's answered prayer. Baby Boy knows something's up, but he won't get it for a day or so after she leaves that she's not off to work for the day. So it's off to UPS today, then to the airport tomorrow. No blogging til next week!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What's Cookin'?

I am the world's worst at deciding what to make for dinner. Usually, I glance in the pantry about 4 or 5 (dinner at 6) and think, "What can I make with noodles, a box of jello and a can of stewed tomatoes?"

I recently ran across Menus4Moms and signed up for their newsletter. For the first couple of weeks I would give it a perfunctory glance, file it in my Recipes folder and move on the the next e-mail. Last Friday, as I was trying to make the grocery list, I was just at a standstill with menu planning and remembered that newsletter. So I pulled it up, went to the website, and downloaded the menu list, the recipes and the grocery list! All I had to do was check the fridge and pantry for items we already had, add in things like cereal and snack food and Viola! There I was, ready-made grocery list! I know, how soccer-mom of me to get so excited over a stinkin grocery list, but it was nice not to have to figure out what to make, what I needed, and what else to put on the list.

So far this week, all the recipes have been pronounced keepers by the family. A couple have even earned the coveted Yooo-May award from Hubby. Monday was Chicken and Wild Rice Soup with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese and Sliced Peaches, and Ciabatta bread (I got that at Panera - mmmm). Tuesday we had Beef Kabobs over Yellow Rice, Salad, and Sourdough Bread (Panera again -- I've got to learn to bake bread or we'll go broke!). Wednesday was Tater Tot Casserole, Salad, and Watermelon slices. today was Tacos, homeade Refried Beans, and homeade Spanish Rice. Poor Dd5 wasn't quite sure she would like the rice if it wasn't out of the box! Tomorrow is Sloppy Joes, Corn on the Cob and raw veggies with dip. I can't wait to see what's on for next week! They even think of things like cooking twice the ground beef and freezing it for another week or sauteeing a whole bag of onions and freezing them. My only complaint is that they left me high and dry for Saturday and Sunday and I forgot to plan for them!!! We should have some pretty good leftovers, though.

Friday, August 12, 2005

What a Day

Dd6 (I've got to come up with clever pseudonyms for the family) and Dd5 were at the triplet's house down the street last night having cake and ice cream when suddenly there was a knock at our door. A friend of their family was at the door with a sobbing Dd6 in her arms, explaining that she had fallen, but was probably just tired and a little over-dramatic over a stubbed toe. I agreed, since this is Dd6's typical response to any little bump or scrape. But when she was still in pain an hour later and wouldn't put her foot down -- not forgetting and doing it by accident even -- I figured maybe it wasn't dramatics. We iced it, wrapped it, and elevated it then gave her some Motrin. It wasn't purple or green or even particularly swollen, so I didn't think it was sprained.

She was still hurting this morning, and still wouldn't put it down on the floor. We narrowed the painful spot not to her ankle, but to the top of her foot where it was just a bit puffier than her other foot. So I called the Dr. and we were in by 11. He determined that it just might have a small fracture so off to the radiology dept at the hospital we went. I am so blessed to have my sister here with me, so I didn't have to take my oh-so-adorable but oh-so-into-everything 22-month-old son with me! It was just me and Dd6. Besides the having to be at the hospital, we had some nice Mom-and-me time.

After finding out that it wasn't broken, just a sprain, we stopped at her fave and mine - Long John Silver's -- for some popcorn shrimp. Then off to the medical supply for crutches since of course the hospital medical supply shop didn't have any pediatric crutches her size. All in all, quite an eventful day. We're finally home now, she's watching Fairytopia with her foot elevated and iced again. She's a little nervous about the crutches, but has maneuvered herself to the bathroom and back to her throne twice now.

Oh, she just said it again. So funny -- she thought we were saying crotches. She could not figure out why they were called THAT! She still says it now and again and I crack up every time!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Today's Verse

According to my sidebar today, here's the verse of the day:

"Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." (Luke 12:6-7)

"You are worth more than many sparrows." Isn't that great to know? I know, on the surface, what's a few sparrows? In our society today, who knows, are they on the endangered species list? No matter how endangered, no matter how important to the local food chain, no matter what PETA says, you are worth more than many sparrows. Our God, the God of the universe, the God who feeds the sparrows and dresses the lilies, that God said it. It's true.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Turkey Enchilada Recipe -- HELP

Update II: (Not that anyone's following this) We found it!!! Sis finally bought both cookbooks on Ebay, and found the Enchilada recipe in the Favorite Homestyle Recipes cookbook. Since we couldn't find it on the Web ANYWHERE, I'm thinking there might be copyright issues if I post it here. If you want the recipe, please e-mail me. (Addy in my profile).

Update: I can't believe that no one has this recipe! Not even one comment?! Well, I guess we won't be making enchiladas.

OK. There's this Weight Watchers Turkey Enchilada recipe that Sis is looking for. She used to make it all the time (usually substituting chicken), but hasn't made it for a few years and needs the recipe. Here's the thing. There is NO cream of whatever soup in it. The sauce includes sour cream, and those chicken boullion seasoning packet type thingies. Does anyone have a WW cookbook who could help us out? She really wants to make this. (OCD, needs to make it!) Oh, and she isn't sure which cookbook it's in. She thinks either Favorite Recipes or Homestyle Favorites. Please help!!!

(Time stamp altered to keep this post on top for today)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

25 Reasons To Homeschool

What he said.

via Daryl at HE&OS


All Boy!