Thursday, August 18, 2005

What's Cookin'?

I am the world's worst at deciding what to make for dinner. Usually, I glance in the pantry about 4 or 5 (dinner at 6) and think, "What can I make with noodles, a box of jello and a can of stewed tomatoes?"

I recently ran across Menus4Moms and signed up for their newsletter. For the first couple of weeks I would give it a perfunctory glance, file it in my Recipes folder and move on the the next e-mail. Last Friday, as I was trying to make the grocery list, I was just at a standstill with menu planning and remembered that newsletter. So I pulled it up, went to the website, and downloaded the menu list, the recipes and the grocery list! All I had to do was check the fridge and pantry for items we already had, add in things like cereal and snack food and Viola! There I was, ready-made grocery list! I know, how soccer-mom of me to get so excited over a stinkin grocery list, but it was nice not to have to figure out what to make, what I needed, and what else to put on the list.

So far this week, all the recipes have been pronounced keepers by the family. A couple have even earned the coveted Yooo-May award from Hubby. Monday was Chicken and Wild Rice Soup with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese and Sliced Peaches, and Ciabatta bread (I got that at Panera - mmmm). Tuesday we had Beef Kabobs over Yellow Rice, Salad, and Sourdough Bread (Panera again -- I've got to learn to bake bread or we'll go broke!). Wednesday was Tater Tot Casserole, Salad, and Watermelon slices. today was Tacos, homeade Refried Beans, and homeade Spanish Rice. Poor Dd5 wasn't quite sure she would like the rice if it wasn't out of the box! Tomorrow is Sloppy Joes, Corn on the Cob and raw veggies with dip. I can't wait to see what's on for next week! They even think of things like cooking twice the ground beef and freezing it for another week or sauteeing a whole bag of onions and freezing them. My only complaint is that they left me high and dry for Saturday and Sunday and I forgot to plan for them!!! We should have some pretty good leftovers, though.