Sunday, August 07, 2005

Turkey Enchilada Recipe -- HELP

Update II: (Not that anyone's following this) We found it!!! Sis finally bought both cookbooks on Ebay, and found the Enchilada recipe in the Favorite Homestyle Recipes cookbook. Since we couldn't find it on the Web ANYWHERE, I'm thinking there might be copyright issues if I post it here. If you want the recipe, please e-mail me. (Addy in my profile).

Update: I can't believe that no one has this recipe! Not even one comment?! Well, I guess we won't be making enchiladas.

OK. There's this Weight Watchers Turkey Enchilada recipe that Sis is looking for. She used to make it all the time (usually substituting chicken), but hasn't made it for a few years and needs the recipe. Here's the thing. There is NO cream of whatever soup in it. The sauce includes sour cream, and those chicken boullion seasoning packet type thingies. Does anyone have a WW cookbook who could help us out? She really wants to make this. (OCD, needs to make it!) Oh, and she isn't sure which cookbook it's in. She thinks either Favorite Recipes or Homestyle Favorites. Please help!!!

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