Friday, August 12, 2005

What a Day

Dd6 (I've got to come up with clever pseudonyms for the family) and Dd5 were at the triplet's house down the street last night having cake and ice cream when suddenly there was a knock at our door. A friend of their family was at the door with a sobbing Dd6 in her arms, explaining that she had fallen, but was probably just tired and a little over-dramatic over a stubbed toe. I agreed, since this is Dd6's typical response to any little bump or scrape. But when she was still in pain an hour later and wouldn't put her foot down -- not forgetting and doing it by accident even -- I figured maybe it wasn't dramatics. We iced it, wrapped it, and elevated it then gave her some Motrin. It wasn't purple or green or even particularly swollen, so I didn't think it was sprained.

She was still hurting this morning, and still wouldn't put it down on the floor. We narrowed the painful spot not to her ankle, but to the top of her foot where it was just a bit puffier than her other foot. So I called the Dr. and we were in by 11. He determined that it just might have a small fracture so off to the radiology dept at the hospital we went. I am so blessed to have my sister here with me, so I didn't have to take my oh-so-adorable but oh-so-into-everything 22-month-old son with me! It was just me and Dd6. Besides the having to be at the hospital, we had some nice Mom-and-me time.

After finding out that it wasn't broken, just a sprain, we stopped at her fave and mine - Long John Silver's -- for some popcorn shrimp. Then off to the medical supply for crutches since of course the hospital medical supply shop didn't have any pediatric crutches her size. All in all, quite an eventful day. We're finally home now, she's watching Fairytopia with her foot elevated and iced again. She's a little nervous about the crutches, but has maneuvered herself to the bathroom and back to her throne twice now.

Oh, she just said it again. So funny -- she thought we were saying crotches. She could not figure out why they were called THAT! She still says it now and again and I crack up every time!!!