Friday, August 26, 2005


It's been crazy around here for the past week. Sis is a nanny, but her last position ended when the mom decided to come home full time -- what a great reason to lose a job, huh? Anyway, nanny positions that pay decently, especially for Sis's 15 years experience, are just nil here in Michigan. So she signed up last Thursday at the GoNannies website. Oh - My - Goodness!!! She had 2 bites in the first hour or so, then had 3-4 more by Friday. By Saturday, she had 2 families seriously talking to her, by Sunday an awesome offer. Salary well comensurate with her years of experience, plus health insurance, plus a car, plus her own large room and bath. By Sunday night or Monday (it's all become a blur) she had a signed contract -- to fly out to Maryland this Saturday!!! So, we've been frantically going through all her boxes and bins from her old apartment and packing them into tubs to ship to MD. I am so excited for her I can hardly stand it, although I will miss her terribly. The girls cry at least once a day at the thought of "Aunt La-La" leaving, although they understand that it's answered prayer. Baby Boy knows something's up, but he won't get it for a day or so after she leaves that she's not off to work for the day. So it's off to UPS today, then to the airport tomorrow. No blogging til next week!!!