Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Still Down, But Looking Up!

Still sickness all around. I finally had a fever-free night last night, but Little Dude was burning up this morning and coughing. I gave him a breathing treatment and ibuprofin, he's a little better now. Miss M is still hacking and was a bit warm this morning, but no fever. So, it's Day 3 off of work, no groceries, trapped at home with the sick kiddies. Oh, and still mouth breathing myself, the old honker is still stuffed up something awful. Not even Sudafed will help. Of course, it might if our pharmacy still sold the real Sudafed, not that Sudafed PE junk. Those darn meth-heads have to ruin perfectly good medicine for the rest of us! Anyway, I'm praying that by tomorrow all the fevers shall have run their course and we'll all be fairly healthy.

On another topic, you'll notice I no longer have Google Adsense ads. I just got an e-mail saying I was in violation of their TOS because I have a header that says Click My Ads. Since I'm not making any money off of them anyway and I've already received my first payment from Blogads (it took me several months for it to add up to enough for a payout), I'm going to just cancel Google's ads. It's not worth changing my template for, lol!