Friday, January 27, 2006

How Hubby Spent Christmas Eve Day

I've had this one in draft, so I thought I'd FINALLY post it. I want to do a photo post of the whole basement renovation soon. It's not done yet, but he has two walls completely mudded with two coats of Kilz on them, waiting for paint. He has one more wall to build, drywall, and mud, then the other room that will be created by that wall to insulate, drywall, and mud. Then it's just painting! We'll have a new playroom/schoolroom and a new family room. Then the living room upstairs will become our dining room/reading room. Yay! I can't wait.

I guess Hubby thought the wasn't busy enough organizing and directing the Christmas Eve service, so he found a little odd-job to do in the basement . . .

Here's the basement all insulated, waiting for drywall. At this point, we thought we'd keep the faux fireplace. It had been a gas fireplace, but the city told us we couldn't use it since the water heater and the furnace both intake air from the basement. We thought we'd just put candles in it and use it decoratively, but everytime we tried to decide where the furniture is going to go, it was in the way. Christmas Eve day, Hubby decided to do something about it.

So, he decided -- AFTER getting the drywall cut just right around it -- to take the stinkin' thing out. I thought it would really be a job, but this thing must be nearly as old as the house. I think there were maybe 6 or 8 bricks out of all of them that didnt' just disintigrate.

And here's all that was left . . .

It's now all drywalled, mudded, and painted but I haven't gotten pictures taken yet. Soon!