Thursday, January 26, 2006

Is It Thursday Already?

Wow, how time flies. Nothing much going on, just the same old thing. I'm really trying to get a better routine going for housework and such, so that I'm not constantly cleaning. I hate this part of my job. Not the new job, the old one -- mom and wife. I love the mom-ing part and the wife-ing part. But the housekeeping part just sucks. I constantly remind myself that I chose this job, it wasn't thrust upon me, and I need to just do it! I read inspirational posts about how this is blessing my family and about doing everthing 'as unto the Lord', but it just doesn't sink in very far - - you know, past the first load of dishes or the next mopping of the kitchen. Anyway, I've been doing better. I was sick last night -- just got finished doing my second hand-washed load of dishes for the day and was working on Little Dude's room and the headache and nausea nearly knocked me down! I lay on the couch and waited for Hubby to get home from church to put the kids to bed. He came home, sent me to bed, put them to bed, and brought me a cup of chamomile tea! What a guy! So, it's been pretty blah, blah, blah around here. How have you been?