Monday, January 16, 2006

My Dear, Sweet Son

. . . is making me crazy! I don't know if it's a girl/boy difference or just personality differences, but this boy is sooooo different than his sisters. Two weeks ago he put a tic-tac up his nose (I can't believe I didn't blog that!), but sneezed it out while I was getting him dressed to go to the doctor. Today he stuck a Cheerio up his nose. He sneezed, but since he had a mouthful of O's at the time, I couldn't tell if the one that had been up his nose had come out or not. I thought I could still see it in there, so off to the pediatrician we went. Of course, after half an hour of Little D bouncing off the walls in the examining room, the doctor came in, looked with the magic looker, and pronounced that it WASN'T THERE ANYMORE! Argh! I guess I'm glad, but really, argh! This is our third visit in a week, since we went last Monday for Miss T's eyes, then again Friday to find out she has strep throat - and is very contagious. I'm just waiting for everyone else to get it. I guess intelligent posts will have to take a back burner to nostril Cheerios and strep throat for now. Ciao!