Monday, January 09, 2006

An Eye Scare

We had a little scare today. Actually, it started yesterday at church. Little T's Sunday school teacher asked me after church "What's wrong with Little T's eyes?". I gave her a look like "What you talkin bout Willis" and told her that I didn't know she was having any problems. So much for homeschooling parents having a better idea of what's going on with their kids, right? She told me she had noticed her every few seconds peering out of the corner of her eye, sometimes one eye and sometimes another, almost like a tic. I hadn't noticed this, although she has an annoying habit of not looking at me when I'm talking to her and rolling her eyes at me when I'm trying to chastise her for something (yeah, call me dense). So I watched her the rest of the day and sure enough sometimes she would turn her whole head to do it and sometimes she would just roll her eye outward. We called the pediatrician today, I thought he'd probably just recommend a pediatric opthamologist or optometrist, but he had her come in so he could take a look. Actually, I was glad. With articles like this out there, you can't be too careful -- and I'm glad he is very careful. But he checked her vision and tracking, said it was fine and talked to her a little. Turns out she's probably allergic to our new wool rug. Her eyes are itching and she's rolling them around to wet them and stop the itching. But her rolling has come to be a habit and now she does it all the time. So he gave us an antihistimine to stop the itching and she'll have to consciously stop the eye rolling -- not easy! But at least it's not a too-mah.