Friday, January 06, 2006

New Look Coming

If anyone's left to read this blog, I'm getting a makeover! Andrea did a great job on this one (insert applause for Andrea here), but I am a compulsive furniture re-arranger. So, I've been thinking about a new look here. As a tribute to Andrea, I have used some elements of this blog over at my new Homeschool Blogger blog. Andrea, if I'm sucking bandwith somehow by using that background, please let me know and I'll try to upload it there myself. Anyhow, I ran across a blog designed by Kelly over at Nello's Designs and really liked it. She mentioned that Kelly was doing some free blog design in trade for a link. I can do that! So I contacted her, gave her my ideas and she went to town. It should go live in the next couple of days -- I can't wait!

I should also have some decent material coming up soon. I'm going to try to do some writing on paper instead of just blurting out my brains onto the screen. Hubby thinks I'm a pretty good writer, but that I do too much stream-of-consciousness. He's probably right. I had high ideas of writing out some of the deep thoughts that occur to me off and on (I bet you never guessed that happens around here, huh?), but I end up just blurbing whatever's on my mind because I don't think it out and write it down first. So I'll be trying some of that. I've been a bit discouraged lately at the lack of comments and traffic here, but I've not really given anyone much to read, have I? Hopefully I'll be taking it up a notch. We'll see. Thanks for sticking with me, those of you who are left! Stay tuned . . .