Monday, December 19, 2005


UPDATE: Well, I took Headmistress' suggestion and checked them out on Ebay. Looks like there's not much demand for vintage card games -- or even true antiques! There was a 1830's set, it only had 4 bids and was only up to $26. I do love old things, simply for the history and sentimentalilty. It will be fun playing with them, knowing that Jim's dad probably learned his authors from this game as well!

Have any of you played this game? We have two sets, both which were inherited from boxes of things we found whilst sorting through Grandpa's things after he passed away and before his house sold. One is made by Parker Brothers, the other by Peter Pan games. The Parker Brothers set is larger, is still in the original box AND (proof that my children have never played it) still has the original instruction sheet. That sheet has a copyright date of 1942, so I'm guessing the game itself is that old. The interesting thing is that the Peter Pan set is a miniature set, but uses the exact same illustrations as the Parker Brothers set. It looks like it may be an even older set, but I would imaginee it is very devalued by the fact that it is missing one set of authors. I am torn between actually using them to play with the girls and sparking an interest in an author they might never have otherwise read (and whom I haven't read), keeping them for posterity -- not playing with them, and finding out their resale value and trying to sell them. My vintage book and vintage toy friends, do you think they may have any value? (Headmistress and Dirty Butter, this means you)