Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shopping and Sledding

Not at the same time, of course! I have an incredibly awesome friend (dare I say best friend?!) who, while IMing this morning threw out an "I can take the kids for you if you want to finish your shopping." Are you kidding?! And then she said "I'll take them to the park across the street, we'll go sledding and build snowmen and then have hot cocoa." What? I can shop alone AND not have to spend time in the frigid cold smiling and taking pictures of my darlings as my nose drips icicles and I slowly lose all nerve contact with my toes and fingers? I love my kids dearly, but I hate, hate, hate being outside in the cold. Perhaps because as a kid my folks were the "go outside and play in the snow, kids, see ya at dinner" type. I always talk Hubby into going and building the snowman with them, then I run outside and take pictures and run back in. Anyway, she did that for me -- AND (yes there's more) -- took pictures!!! So, Christmas shopping is done. I did it all, beginning to end, in 2 hours. I came home and wrapped for 30 minutes, tops, and that was it. I'm loving this simplified Christmas stuff! I kept looking around thinking "did I forget some one?" Nope. 3 kids, 3 gifts. Easy as pie! I do have a few stocking stuffers to stuff, but then we're done. YAY! Now, smile in the warmth of your home as we enjoy these sweet smiles.