Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rain-out? What's That?

I have never done sports, indoor or out. I was a drama/chorus/yearbook geek, entirely uncoordinated, C- in P.E. type. So, when it started drizzling yesterday afternoon, I thought, "Oh, good, we probably won't have a game tonight!" No such luck. I did grab some snacks (copped out with snack bags of Cheez-its and Goldfish, plus baggies of grapes), just in case the sun poked her head back out. Good thing I did. When 6:00 rolled around, now a light rain outside, and no call from the coach to cancel, I assumed the worst. We grabbed umbrellas and jackets and headed off to the game. We got soaked and it was a blast! I started out a little whiny when we couldn't find the team -- it was our first game and we still hadn't gotten our t-shirts yet. I didn't know what color I was looking for! Once located (during the opening huddle), we were off!!! Dd5 was so excited, yelling up and down the sideline as she pulled her new soccer shirt on over her head "THIS IS MY FIRST SOCCER GAME EVER!!!"

As I sat down to write this, still a little whiny about it now that I have a scratchy throat and Baby Boy seems to be a little coughy too, I realized how sad that would be to complain. We had to play soccer in a little rain. So many people have had to deal with so much worse in the last couple of days. I think I can deal with being a little soggy while we had a lot of fun.