Saturday, March 18, 2006


Not in real life, oh, I couldn't handle that right now, lol! I've imported all my older posts to my new place over at My So-Called Homeschool . Blogger is giving me fits, and my friend Andrea has started a new homeschool blog site with her husband, what a nice coincidence. It's by invite only for now, let me know if you're looking for a new home. Andrea and Ron have really been inspiration for my not-at-either-end-of-the-spectrum style of homeschooling. I don't really fit in a box -- we unschool a little, we do workbooks, we watch tv, I think you get the picture. I think this is going to be a nice place to blog -- no cookie-cutter blogs here (well, maybe other than the templates, lol). It's going to be interesting learning all the Wordpress bells and whistles, but I did it with Blogger, right? And there's REAL PEOPLE support, can't beat that! Anyway, that's where I am now.