Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Room

We finally got the girls room finished. Well, almost finished. Dd6's chest doesn't come in til Thursday. Boy, my sister has sure been busy. I helped, but the ideas were all hers. It started out just a little project to help them get organized and just grew and grew! All of the before pictures were actually taken after Sis started trying to get the room cleaned up, so it actually looked worse if you can believe it!

Entrance Before Posted by Hello

Entrance Partway Posted by Hello

Entrance After Posted by Hello
This is the doorway to the room. Not much is really different, we got a cute cubby with pegs for them to hang purses and stuff on, as well as put little treasures in. We moved Dd6's bed 90°, so the entrance opened up a lot.


Dresser Wall Before Posted by Hello
This dresser is actually a really cool baby dresser with a changing table that folds out on the top. The drawers are way too small for little girl clothes, though, so it had to go.

Dresser Wall After Posted by Hello

We got a new little computer desk to replace the table and bench that had been under the bunk bed with the computer on it. It now sits where the dresser did. We did a whole other cool thing under the bunk bed!


Bunk Bed Area Before Posted by Hello

I didn't get good pictures of the way the computer was set up under the bed before Sis started cleaning things out, but you can sort of see the table and bench under there. The shelves there had just collected junk, coloring books, papers, etc.

Bunk Bed Area Midway Posted by Hello

We took out Dd6's dresser as well, it was too tall for her to utilize the upper drawers well, so there was a lot of wasted space. We have a small 4-drawer chest ordered for her, and she'll also have some drawer space in those drawers on the end of the bunk bed. I think it will work -- what doesn't fit will have to go! I do too much laundry as it is!!!

Bunk Bed Area After Posted by Hello

Since we ditched Dd5's dresser, we moved her stuff to the shelves under the bunk bed. We tried to do this once before and stuff kept falling off the shelves or getting jumbled on the shelves. These cool baskets solved that problem, and have lids that velcro down so Baby Boy can't get into them.

Under Bunk Bed Closet Posted by Hello

The girls are too small to hang clothes in the old closet, so I end up putting away all their hanging clothes. Now, they can do it themselves -- theoretically! This was a fun project, Sis and I designed the hanging rod ourselves. Of course, Dh came home and said there was a simpler way HE would have done it, but we were still pretty stoked we did it ourselves before he got home!!!


Dd6 Bed After Posted by Hello

Dd5 has the bunk bed, which is a pretty commanding presence in the room. We decided to punch up Dd6's bed a little, so the room won't seem so one-sided. She loves her canopy so much! We also raised the bed on risers to make room for storage underneath.

I guess that's it. The old closet will be for off-season clothes and other storage. Eventually, we'll paint, but the project just got too huge and we didn't want to wait for paint to dry to get started. The walls look more yellow with the pastels all around, they used to look more dull beige.

Well, I could go on and on, but I'll close this post for now.


I haven't been around much, we've been re-decorating the girls' room. I'll post before and afters when we get done. Also, I'm getting a remake here at the Gems as well. Andrea is working on it as I type, I can't wait to get it loaded!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

First Lost Tooth!!

Dd6 has been seriously wiggling this tooth for several days now. Dh said today that she had til Saturday, and then he would have to pull it -- the tooth was dead and already discolored. She was just now messing with it and twisted it halfway around, so I told her if she gave it a good yank, it would probably fall out. Sure enough, one swift tug and there it was! My oldest baby is growing up! Luckily, the new tooth is already peeking out, so she won't be gap-toothed for long.

First lost tooth! Posted by Hello

The Tooth! Posted by Hello

New one's coming in already! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Theocracy is Here!

Well, maybe not.

hat tip: Absinthe & Cookies

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Not to be outdone . . .

Big Sis Cool Posted by Hello

Cool Fashion Girl

Do I Think I'm Cute or What? Posted by Hello

That's what the girls call it when they don't want to be "cute", but trendy like the 'big girls'. She put the outfit together herself, I'm all about self-expression! The pose is her own as well. :::sigh::: And she's only 5!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005


It's a bit sparse, but I've started a photoblog. I have so many pictures to show off, and don't want to monopolize you. But if you're interested, come on over!


I'm wondering if this link will even work. This is the video Dh made to encourage everyone at church to get their picture taken for our new directory. The color's off, we're not sure why.

DH video

Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Little Marthas and Emeril

After reading Laurie's Apron Strings post, I just had to take some pictures of my girlies in their aprons that my mom made them. They're made of vintage fabrics that she found in my Grandma's attic. She also made their little oven-mitts. Baby Boy is joining in the fun -- his favorite cupboard is the pot cupboard -- not to pound the pots, but to stir!

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Friday Catblogging

If you have read my personality type posts, you will see that I'm the type to avoid running with the crowd. I like to do things differently, to be the strange one. But this time, I guess I'll join the club. Today I will catblog. Because it's Friday and I have an adorable cat. NOT because everybody's doing it. Really. Honest. I'm not kidding.

Here, let me help you pay those. Posted by Hello

Our Kaylie-Mouse is a sweetheart. She lovest to cuddle -- usually when you're sound asleep or doing something else, like paying bills. That's my sister's mail and bill basket. So, Sis is sitting there paying bills, sorting bills, shredding stuff -- you know the drill -- and Kaylie decides to get into the action. But does she crawl into Sis's lap? Nope. She proceeds to walk over each and every piece of mail spread over the floor and settle, not into her own cushy, catnipped basket, but into the mail basket where she does her turn around 3 times routine and settles in! What a weirdo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Gem from the Hubster

I was telling my husband today that I'm a little concerned (not worried, just a little concerned) about Baby Boy's hearing. He had tubes put in his ears last December because he had suffered through 7 ear infections in 9 months. He hadn't really started babbling much until after the tubes went in (he was 14 months old then). Since then, he babbles nonstop, but doesn't use many words. And when he does, they often have distorted beginning and ending sounds. Now, I know this is pretty normal for babies his age, but it's just the kind of sounds -- they sound just a little like someone with hearing loss. It's hard to explain, but we have a girl teaching the kids at church who wears a hearing aid. She just sounds like she has a light lisp and some of the ends of her words are kind of, well, mushy. Anyway, I was discussing this with Dh, and he said (with a completely serious, straight face) "Or, it could just be male-pattern selective hearing." It took me a second, then I was rolling. I almost peed my pants. Is that funny to anyone else, or are we the most strange people we know? Fuh-nee. Male-pattern selective hearing. Heh.

Time to pay the bills!

I just added Google ads (say that 10 times fast!) to my sidebar. Click on something, they'll pay me! You don't have to buy anything, just click. Thanks for your support. Hee hee hee -- all 3 of you!

Spring Flowers

Messing around with Picassa again. These are my new pansies my sister got me. She's so sweet, she just showed up with them this weekend!

Spring Flowers Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Here's a Gem!

I almost lay down for a nap when I got the kids down today. I'm so glad I stopped to go through a few of my blogs (yes, I know my blogroll is WAY too long!). Ann sure said it today. For whom do you speak?

This particularly hit me:

But today, may He give me grace to remember:

I am Christ’s mouthpiece in this home.

I am Christ’s words to these children and this husband.

I am Christ’s ambassador to these neighbors, to this community, to this little neck of the woods.

Today, may I simply speak for Jesus.

Too many times, I am not Christ's mouthpiece in my home. I'm pissed-off, frustrated, not-getting-my-way Gem's mouthpiece. I've got to get ahold of this anger. I need to be more Spirit-led, so that His fruits will be evident in my life. Self-control is the first. I try so hard to teach my girls self-control. I have actually caught myself screaming at them "You need to calm down and get some self-control!!!" Anyone see what's wrong with that picture?! Yikes. Well, off to actually get a little nap and prayer time, be sure to go read Ann's post and if you haven't been there before, check out her blog. She is very insightful.

Monday, May 16, 2005

One Down . . .

Two to go! They let the Lower School go home after Act 1 was finished running through. Boy that is going to be one adorable recital! The finale for the Lower School starts with one girl singing "I Love You, Lord" (she's 13, and wow, what a voice!!). Then, all the little ones (8 and under) come out in their jammies with stuffed animals and blankies and join in singing. Then, the piano drops out and they all sing a capella. I always get tears when they practice it at the end of each class. All together, on stage, it is breathtaking. I don't know about all of them, but I know at least 2 little girls up there who were worshipping their hearts out. My heart is full.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ballet Picture Day

Today was picture day for recital costumes. OH MY GOSH! What a fiasco! My girls were supposed to get their pictures at 12:00, 12:15, 12:30 and 12:45 (Ballet costumes first, tap second -- they're in separate classes). We got done with the last picture at 2!!! I feel for those girls who showed up at 1 and are probably just now getting theirs done. Oh, well, we're done now. This week will probably light or no blogging -- we have tech rehearsal 5-9 (we live an hour away, so it's a 4-10 night!) tomorrow, dress rehearsal 5-9 on Tuesday, runthrough on Thursday, and I have to go look at proofs and order pictures Friday, then Saturday is the recital. What a week!!!!! Pray for me, please.

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