Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Here's a Gem!

I almost lay down for a nap when I got the kids down today. I'm so glad I stopped to go through a few of my blogs (yes, I know my blogroll is WAY too long!). Ann sure said it today. For whom do you speak?

This particularly hit me:

But today, may He give me grace to remember:

I am Christ’s mouthpiece in this home.

I am Christ’s words to these children and this husband.

I am Christ’s ambassador to these neighbors, to this community, to this little neck of the woods.

Today, may I simply speak for Jesus.

Too many times, I am not Christ's mouthpiece in my home. I'm pissed-off, frustrated, not-getting-my-way Gem's mouthpiece. I've got to get ahold of this anger. I need to be more Spirit-led, so that His fruits will be evident in my life. Self-control is the first. I try so hard to teach my girls self-control. I have actually caught myself screaming at them "You need to calm down and get some self-control!!!" Anyone see what's wrong with that picture?! Yikes. Well, off to actually get a little nap and prayer time, be sure to go read Ann's post and if you haven't been there before, check out her blog. She is very insightful.