Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers' Day, Ladies!

To all of you who are mothers, I hope your day is wonderful. My mood is determined to ruin my day (partly a PMS issue), but I am determined not to let it. I think I need to head over to Ann's Simple Things post to remind myself what to look for today. Ooh, while linking that, I found some more neat stuff she's written since then. Go check it out!!! She always reminds me of the mother I want to be. She would never want to be held up as an example -- she would point you straight to Jesus. Ann, you may be embarrassed, but I have to say it. You show me quite often what Jesus looks like as a mother. Thank you.

This morning around 2am, I was awakened by the Baby Boy fussing in his crib. We sat and rocked for a while. So sweet, he was leaning on my chest with his little binky in his mouth, nearly asleep. He drowsily pulled it out of his mouth, signed and said "Eat" in the littlest, quietest, sweetest little voice, then "Peeeeese". That meant that he wanted a drink. We got up and went into the kitchen for a sippy. There, on the kitchen table, was a gorgeous bouquet of wildflowers, a card, and a small package. Could there have been a more appropriate moment for me to find my Mother's Day gift from Dh than in the middle of one of the precious moments of mothering? I admit, I have had many, many nights when I just wanted to go back to bed. Please sleep, I would silently pleed -- many times in tears. But lately, with Baby Boy being most likely our last baby, I cherish that quiet in-the-middle-of-the-night time with him. I know he won't want to snuggle forever. So I don't get him back in bed as soon as he falls back asleep. Sometimes we just sit and rock and snooze together. That's one of my sweet moments of motherhood.