Thursday, May 05, 2005

Early Mothers Day Present!!

My new camera Posted by Hello

My sister came home from work as we were getting ready to leave for Moira's second soccer game with a beautiful gift bag. I thought her employers had given her a gift -- not sure why, her birthday was last month -- but she's a cool gal, she deserves gifts. Nope, the bag was for MOI! She said it was a Mothers Day gift, but I had to open it right then. I pulled out a box for a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!! I was in shock! I immediately stopped rushing the kids around and started playing with my new toy. We did manage to get off to the soccer game (early, even!). At one point, I almost lost Ds because I was messing with that camera. Luckily, Sis was with me, so she ran him down and brought him back. Oh, I'm so tickled. LOTS more photo-blogging coming up. I can't believe she did this!!!!