Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Homeschooling at Our House

I realize that I have described myself as a homeschooling mom, but only blogged once on the topic, and that was to point you somewhere else! I guess that's because we're just getting started and I have no wisdom to impart. I'm too busy hopping 'round the web, gleaning wisdom from others.

Here's what it looks like at our house:

2nd Generation Pajamadeen Posted by Hello
Homeschooling is great, you don't have to get out of your jammies! This morning, before breakfast, Dd6 asked "Mom, can we do some schoolwork after breakfast?" It's so great they get up and want to learn!!! Of course, this is just the workbook-type schoolwork. That doesn't even cover the discussions in the car about why most adverbs need to end in -ly, while some do not (among others!).

Math Work Posted by Hello
I struggle with my 6yo's schoolwork. I vacillate between thinking she's a genius to wondering if I am having her do enough. I love the Charlotte Mason philosophies -- basically, children before age 6 need to play, play, play. But then I read about somone whose kindergarten-age child is doing multiplication and think "Should I push her more?" Oh, well, she loves math, and will do what her brain is ready for, right? Today was working on number words. She did great, first try!!!

Mazes Posted by Hello
Dd5 LOVES mazes! She thinks these are really too easy. I guess it's time for a new maze book.

Schoolwork Dance Posted by Hello
As you can see, Dd5's workbook is on the floor and she is dancing. That's how she works. Do a maze, dance a little. Do some dot-to-dots, dance a little. What preschool would let her do that?!