Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Room

We finally got the girls room finished. Well, almost finished. Dd6's chest doesn't come in til Thursday. Boy, my sister has sure been busy. I helped, but the ideas were all hers. It started out just a little project to help them get organized and just grew and grew! All of the before pictures were actually taken after Sis started trying to get the room cleaned up, so it actually looked worse if you can believe it!

Entrance Before Posted by Hello

Entrance Partway Posted by Hello

Entrance After Posted by Hello
This is the doorway to the room. Not much is really different, we got a cute cubby with pegs for them to hang purses and stuff on, as well as put little treasures in. We moved Dd6's bed 90°, so the entrance opened up a lot.


Dresser Wall Before Posted by Hello
This dresser is actually a really cool baby dresser with a changing table that folds out on the top. The drawers are way too small for little girl clothes, though, so it had to go.

Dresser Wall After Posted by Hello

We got a new little computer desk to replace the table and bench that had been under the bunk bed with the computer on it. It now sits where the dresser did. We did a whole other cool thing under the bunk bed!


Bunk Bed Area Before Posted by Hello

I didn't get good pictures of the way the computer was set up under the bed before Sis started cleaning things out, but you can sort of see the table and bench under there. The shelves there had just collected junk, coloring books, papers, etc.

Bunk Bed Area Midway Posted by Hello

We took out Dd6's dresser as well, it was too tall for her to utilize the upper drawers well, so there was a lot of wasted space. We have a small 4-drawer chest ordered for her, and she'll also have some drawer space in those drawers on the end of the bunk bed. I think it will work -- what doesn't fit will have to go! I do too much laundry as it is!!!

Bunk Bed Area After Posted by Hello

Since we ditched Dd5's dresser, we moved her stuff to the shelves under the bunk bed. We tried to do this once before and stuff kept falling off the shelves or getting jumbled on the shelves. These cool baskets solved that problem, and have lids that velcro down so Baby Boy can't get into them.

Under Bunk Bed Closet Posted by Hello

The girls are too small to hang clothes in the old closet, so I end up putting away all their hanging clothes. Now, they can do it themselves -- theoretically! This was a fun project, Sis and I designed the hanging rod ourselves. Of course, Dh came home and said there was a simpler way HE would have done it, but we were still pretty stoked we did it ourselves before he got home!!!


Dd6 Bed After Posted by Hello

Dd5 has the bunk bed, which is a pretty commanding presence in the room. We decided to punch up Dd6's bed a little, so the room won't seem so one-sided. She loves her canopy so much! We also raised the bed on risers to make room for storage underneath.

I guess that's it. The old closet will be for off-season clothes and other storage. Eventually, we'll paint, but the project just got too huge and we didn't want to wait for paint to dry to get started. The walls look more yellow with the pastels all around, they used to look more dull beige.

Well, I could go on and on, but I'll close this post for now.