Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Gem from the Hubster

I was telling my husband today that I'm a little concerned (not worried, just a little concerned) about Baby Boy's hearing. He had tubes put in his ears last December because he had suffered through 7 ear infections in 9 months. He hadn't really started babbling much until after the tubes went in (he was 14 months old then). Since then, he babbles nonstop, but doesn't use many words. And when he does, they often have distorted beginning and ending sounds. Now, I know this is pretty normal for babies his age, but it's just the kind of sounds -- they sound just a little like someone with hearing loss. It's hard to explain, but we have a girl teaching the kids at church who wears a hearing aid. She just sounds like she has a light lisp and some of the ends of her words are kind of, well, mushy. Anyway, I was discussing this with Dh, and he said (with a completely serious, straight face) "Or, it could just be male-pattern selective hearing." It took me a second, then I was rolling. I almost peed my pants. Is that funny to anyone else, or are we the most strange people we know? Fuh-nee. Male-pattern selective hearing. Heh.