Thursday, May 19, 2005

Friday Catblogging

If you have read my personality type posts, you will see that I'm the type to avoid running with the crowd. I like to do things differently, to be the strange one. But this time, I guess I'll join the club. Today I will catblog. Because it's Friday and I have an adorable cat. NOT because everybody's doing it. Really. Honest. I'm not kidding.

Here, let me help you pay those. Posted by Hello

Our Kaylie-Mouse is a sweetheart. She lovest to cuddle -- usually when you're sound asleep or doing something else, like paying bills. That's my sister's mail and bill basket. So, Sis is sitting there paying bills, sorting bills, shredding stuff -- you know the drill -- and Kaylie decides to get into the action. But does she crawl into Sis's lap? Nope. She proceeds to walk over each and every piece of mail spread over the floor and settle, not into her own cushy, catnipped basket, but into the mail basket where she does her turn around 3 times routine and settles in! What a weirdo.