Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Weird or What?

I wish it would just stay fall, OK? It was cooling off nicely, high's in the mid-70's, and then it had to go and get all 80's this week! I was hoping for one month of no A/C, no heat on the electric/gas bill. So, today (like every day since September 1) I kept the air off all day. It works for us, we were at church most of the morning, the kids napped this afternoon and actually never noticed it hit 80+ inside. I was a little warmish, but I dealt with it. Hubby came home, and to his credit didn't even complain about the heat. He is VERY warm-blooded, I don't usually let it get over 76 or 77 when he's home. But when he put Baby Boy to bed, he said that BB was sweating and we should put the air on. So, that's why now at 11 pm, I'm sitting here with the air on, set at 76, it's finally reached 78 in the house, and the fan blowing outside air inward reads 75. We have GOT to get this house insulated, dontcha think? I think it should have kept the cool from the night a lot better (it's still getting down in the 60's at night), so it didn't get so hot in the afternoon. But what can you expect from a 1942 brick bungalow. Another wierd thing is that our bedroom, the attic so to speak, is usually the hottest place in the house, but for the past week it's been quite bearable even with the air off. Weird.