Friday, September 09, 2005


. . . to quote Charlie Brown.

I am exhausted (late night after church, Baby Boy up a lot in the night, just not sleeping well myself), PMS-ing, and Dr. Pepper deprived. I am not a happy person today. The girls hate our read-aloud for homeschooling, they think I hate them because I want them to pick up their things in their room, and the baby needs constant attention RIGHT when I want to get something started with the girls or around the house. I'm feeling like a homeschooling failure, a mommy failure and a wife failure. I know it's all perspective and it all will pass, but that is my reality right now. I'll have to post something new in a little while so this whine isn't at the top, but just wanted to vent!

UPDATE!!! My dear, sweet, loving husband, after receiving a text message much like the above rant, came home last night bearing Dr. Pepper AND chocolate. Now, there's a keeper!