Friday, April 15, 2005

UPDATED Phone message I never thought I'd get . . .

"Hi honey, just wanted to call and let you know there was a shooting here at the station, but I'm fine. Call when you get the message, but wanted to make sure you know I was OK."

What?! I called him back. This is where he works. Seems there has been this guy who keeps trying to get into the station over the past two years. Last week, he assaulted two employees. Today, he got into the outer door, but the receptionist kept him out of the locked inner door. As she was calling security, another employee (an editor with my hubby)was coming in the outer door and the wacko shot him! So, dh is supposed to get off work at 6:30, he's still there. We were going on a date tonight, it's on hold. But he's alive. Praise God!

They have a guy in custody, I think he's been charged by now. He's possibly schizophrenic and was thinking the station was spying on him or some such. That receptionist saved so many lives! He probably would have come in blazing, he had a semi-automatic. Dh is fine, he came home around midnight, what a long day! He had worked a double the night before also, so he's bushed.