Saturday, April 09, 2005

Yep, still alive!

Sorry (yeah, because you were waiting with breath held), it's been busy around here. That, and I think I've just had a short spell of mild depression. Just want to sit around in my slippers and robe. However, children have a way of dragging your butt out of that sort of thing.

To all who have been concerned: My tailbone has recovered. I'm feeling much better. Still have a twinge now and again, but nothing like it could have been. The rugburn is nearly gone.

It's official! I am a soccer mom. We got the van a couple of weeks ago, and DD6 had her first soccer practice this morning. She was so cute, she had her shirt, shorts, shin guards, socks, and cleats on as soon as she got up! Now, DH and I are both artistic. He's a singer, I sing and act. I do not do sports. Never have, never will. The closest I've ever gotten was my swimming and weight lifting credits to get through college! We never expected any of the kids to have any athletic inclinations whatsoever. DD6 and DD5 have both been dancing since they were 2, DD5 sings and songwrites already, and Baby Boy sings and does the butt dance whenever he hears music. But DD6 seems to have some throwback genes. She looked so natural out there, dribbling the soccer ball for the first time. Realize, some of these kids have been doing this since they were 3. She's technically 3 yrs behind. I would have looked like a total dork out there -- she looked like she was having a (gotta do it!) a ball!. Plus, Baby Boy was so cute! My sister came with us, and they ran all over the vacant field with his little mini soccer ball. He hasn't really started talking yet, but kept saying "Ball!, Ball!" He was so sweet. Of course, I brought a camera, but only my film camera. I didn't even think to bring the crappy digital. Well, we have plenty more opportunities for pictures. Since this is a short season (will be over by June 4), the kids will have 2 practices (I keep saying rehearsals!) per week for the next 2 weeks, then 2 games and a practice each week after that! Blogging may be very scarce!