Friday, April 01, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog

Yeah, I'm sure no one's ever used that title before! Do you ever have events that you think "Oh, I am SO blogging this!", but then think "Well, maybe not."? OK, I'm just going to go for it.

Last night, I was sleeping peacefully, well, that is between bouts of the stuffed-up, miserable, teething baby's crying. I'd get up and hold him, he'd pass right out, I put him back in the crib, then an hour or so later, back through the cycle. Anyway, during the sleep portion of this cycle, a little after midnight, I hear "Mommy, I need you!!!" (yes, with three exclamation points) from the bottom of the stairs. Our bedroom is the entire attic space of a 1940's bungalow. I hop out of bed, stark naked (don't think about that too long, it will burn your retinas), grab my robe and sail around the half-wall barrier to the stairs. DD5 is at the bottom of the finishing her wail from earlier "I have to go potty BAD, can you turn the light on?" My robe catches on the handrail (whose screws are just sitting in the holes in the wall not attached to anything) as I go around the corner, I hit the stairs, my heels slip on the carpeted steps and DOWN I go! Can't grab the rail, it's not attached. Bump, bump, bump, bump, at least 4 steps come in painful contact with my tailbone (which has been cracked before). I'm curled up at the bottom of the stairs, moaning, Dd5 is saying "Mommy? Mommy? Are you OK?" I'm saying "Just go, go potty NOW!", envisioning wet carpet soon. Dh, who has to get up at 1:30 to get to work by 2:30, is calling down "Are you OK? What's hurt?" And truly? Naked, curled at the bottom of the stairs, I'm was thinking "I am SO blogging this!" My next words were "Get my robe in case my sister comes up to see what happened." Yeah, she's my SISTER -- like she's never seen me before. Dh helps me stand up, I get Dd5 back into bed, he then helps me hobble up to bed and brings me some Motrin. Toss, turn, find some sort of comfortable way to try to go to sleep. Moan, cry, turn some more. Finally drift off . . . Dh's alarm goes off, I get up and pack his lunch box. Back to bed, Ds is up 3 more times before finally deciding it's morning at 5:40. Family nap time will be at 1. NO ONE call!