Thursday, March 31, 2005

What's On Your Desk?

From JudyH at Anybody Home -- What's on Your Desk?

Here's mine:
Pizza fliers, phone, glass of pop, cpu, monitor, dsl modem, speakers,, mouse, keyboard (on sliding tray), Febreze spray bottle, sunglasses, crappy digital camera, bills, bunch of filing, pkg of CVS brand loratadine (generic claritin), change jar, digital ear thermometer, printer, lamp, african violet, scissors, tiny hairbrush, vcr/dvd remote, chapstick, Chadwicks catalog, birthday cards from dd5's birthday party last Saturday, unwritten thank you notes for dd6's birthday in December, Disney Princess Uno cards, Christmas knockoff-Limoge box in the shape of a tree with pears and a partridge on top, Entertainment coupon book, 1940's Christmas CD set, Enya CD, Newsboy's Adoration CD, more bills. Yeah, you get the gist. I need to clean this sucker OFF!

What's on my desk? Posted by Hello