Friday, April 15, 2005

My little athlete! Posted by Hello

Wow, that looks a lot better than I thought it would! This little cheapo camera is impossible to focus or even figure out what is going to be in the shot! Still hoping for a great Mother's Day gift. (Hubby -- hint, hint, my wishlist is on the sidebar, specific camera listed there!)

Anyway, isn't she cute?! We had to miss practice last night, she had been running a 102° fever the night before and a low grade fever whenever she wasn't on Motrin yesterday. It's been warmer lately, but it gets chilly when the sun starts to go down. I didn't want her feverish AND chilled. She was so disappointed! Me, I would have been "Oh, good, now no one will yell at me for not being able to kick it where I'm supposed to!" I'm so glad she's not intimidated by sports as I was. And she's so darn cute in her soccer stuff!