Thursday, September 15, 2005


My Dd5 has been begging me to call our hairdresser and set up an appointment to cut her hair. It's almost to her bottom now and I've been trying to get her to cut it for Locks for Love, but she's not convinced yet -- and I really want her to do it from her heart. So, it was just a couple of inches off the bottom to hopefully control the snarls. She decided last minute to get bangs, and it just transformed her face!

Dd6's hair frames her face so prettily! She's making a silly face, but it really does look nice. In fact, when mine grows out a lot more, I'll probably go with a similar cut myself.

We didn't do much with Baby Boy's, just got it out of his eyes. He's getting a little hippy look in the back, and I just love it! I was afraid his eyes were going to go crossed, so I gave in and let her trim up the bangs.