Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day

Pictures below. I was going to cut and paste them all into one post, but just don't have the patience today. We had a great day, for most of it. Church was awesome, I skipped out during second service to come home and get ready for lunch. We had baked potatoes, cucumber salad (picture below), beer corn on the cob (Sis's secret recipe, grilled on Hubby's new grill), steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs. I don't think I missed anything! In the famous words of my hubby, it was yooooo-may. Hubby finished up the sandbox for the kids that he started yesterday. Well, almost finished, he needs 2 more boards for the seats on 2 sides. After that, he had a nap, the kids played, until Baby Boy started getting fussy. I brought him in and realized that he was very warm. He just layed on me, which isn't like him, so we rocked for a while. Then BLECH he threw up all over me. Thus started the crappy part of the day. The girls played for a while longer, Baby Boy stayed fussy. One-by-one, everyone came in, hungry, thirsty, needing something while I'm trying to rock a lethargic puky baby. He started feeling better by bedtime, but by then Dd5 had a fever and was "feeling barfy". She never did, thank goodness. But my evening was ruined. I was grumpy the rest of the night, Dh played Halo (last year's FD gift), and I went to bed. Everyone seems better today except Sis, whose tummy is a little rumbly today and Baby Boy is still a bit cranky. So there was Father's Day.